Innovative Acoustic Roots-Pop Artists, Front Country have signed with North Carolina label Organic Records to release and promote their forthcoming album, Other Love Songs. The West Coast founded, now Nashville-based quintet’s long-awaited sophomore album is set to release April 7th, 2017 and promises to be the band’s most intensely creative and original effort yet.

“We are elated to partner with Organic Records to release our next record. It’s a rare thing to find people in the music industry who want to develop music that doesn’t fit the mold.  It’s even rarer that those people share your vision for the future of acoustic music and the music business, and have a holistic, hands-on approach to helping their artists build an authentic and sustainable career. We are excited to begin what we hope will be a long and fruitful collaboration. ” – Front Country

“Front Country is a band that is transcending conventions of American Roots music. Fearlessly they pursue their own sound and look to be a genre unto themselves. That is just what the Organic label is dedicated to. Giving a home to artists that strive to be singularly unique.” – Ty Gilpin, A&R, Organic Records.


About Front Country

What started as a group of friends playing bluegrass in San Francisco’s Mission District has morphed into a touring powerhouse of song and sound, transcending their humble stringband roots. Front Country’s dynamic instrumental textures take flight with grace and gravitas while rooted in the relentlessly soulful vocals of lead singer-songwriter Melody Walker. Along with mandolinist Adam Roszkiewicz, guitarist Jacob Groopman, violinist Leif Karlstrom and bassist Jeremy Darrow, this quintet has been called “passionately intoxicating” and “orchestral” and Melody’s bluesy vocals have been described as “rafter-shaking”. Seldom traditional, always original.


About Organic Records

Organic Records® is an eclectic home for a variety of artists that are singularly unique and defy categorization. In a time when music is becoming less defined by genre, Organic artists are developing their own musical identity outside the confines of traditional classifications. Organic Records® is their natural habitat. Organic is an independent label based near Asheville, NC. We promote, distribute and market music created by original artists who defy genre categorization. Organic Records® is a division of Crossroads Entertainment and Marketing, Inc

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