An historically eclectic label re-emerges as a home for new artists and unique releases.


For more than a decade, Organic Records® has been anticipating a new life. The label previously served as a home for a variety of unique artists and releases and now it returns with the same mission in mind. With music becoming less defined by genre, Organic Records® presents artists that are developing their own musical identity outside the confines of traditional classifications.

“It is time to bring back Organic Records®,” says Mickey Gamble, COO of Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing®. “We were able to acquire the label when we repurchased Crossroads from Pamplin Communications in 2005. This current music climate lends itself to reintroduction of the label.”

The label launches with two new releases slated for this year. The first is from the multi-award-winning mandolinist Adam Steffey who merges Bluegrass and Old Time styles with his album New Primitive. Also on the label, up-and-coming female artist Iodine has a release scheduled for later in the year with a style that has been described as Appalachian Rock.

Organic Records® looks forward to maintaining the standards of quality and eclectic creativity with these and additional releases to be announced in the future.

Organic Records: Great Music. No Boundaries.