AldridgeFlyingBigCovFlying combines tradition and innovation, bringing together the best of both worlds with undeniably strong musicianship and vocals alongside edgy melodies and song selection meant for a new and wider audience.

Reaching out past their roots for a new sound that builds on their Bluegrass foundation, Darin and Brooke Aldridge take Flying to new heights with songs like their brilliant cover of Nancy Griffith’s “Outbound Plane,” acoustic-rock selections like the lead off track “Just a Little,” and several original songs from fellow bandmate and much-recorded writer Becky Buller.

Americana icon Jim Lauderdale offers in the liner notes;

“I can’t really do justice in trying to describe the essence of this record in words; you just have to hear it to know what I mean. Listening to the lush harmonies of two people that incorporate their love and faith into their music is something very special and rare.”

Flying is available at, iTunes, & Amazon.