Introducing Ancient Dreams from Red June: an enchanting collection of songs that lends intrigue and new relevance to Traditional Americana. With this third album, Red June firmly establishes itself as a most worthy representative of the attributes that set this music apart: original songwriting that means something, three remarkable singers, and the musicianship to bring it all home.

A powerful acoustic trio from Asheville, North Carolina, Red June performs beautifully distilled original American music. Ancient Dreams is illustrative, honest and features the talents of Will Straughan (resonator guitar, guitar and vocals), Natalya Weinstein (fiddle and vocals) and John Cloyd Miller (mandolin, guitar and vocals). With compelling harmonies and impeccable musicianship, they deliver exquisitely-crafted songs that illuminate and examine the signs and scenery of an ever-changing Americana.

Ancient Dreams moves from upbeat folk-rock style songs like the title track and “Black Mountain Night” to lonesome ballads about interpersonal relationships with “Saddle Up, My Son” and “Light Of Day.” Uptempo instrumentals including “Gabriel’s Storm” and “31” add flavor, showcase the trio’s stunning picking ability and will impress Bluegrass/Celtic/Old Time fans. “Never Been to Heaven” and “I Saw You in August” offer the hypnotic three-part harmonies that are a strong presence throughout the album. “Where We Started” is a perfect piece of mid-tempo, down home Americana, and the very impressive A capella song, “I Am Free,” is the icing on the cake!