Aaron Burdett: Media Love

Larry Stevens, Lonesome Road Review

[A]s I listen to this CD I can only wonder, as I have many times, what makes one performer a star and another not? Some of the answers are obvious — voice, charisma (sometimes), material, ambition, sacrifice, the right people pushing your career — but part of it is just luck. Burdett should be a star. … Burdett may not have legions of fans or gold and platinum records on his wall, but he will be the star of any stage he’s on and he makes music you should listen to.

The Alternate Root

Times are tough, no surprises there. The distinctions in the songs Aaron Burdett is the honesty of his character shouting ‘enough’. … Aaron Burdett’s voice has the fire of a folk singer as it shouts out ‘I can change the world with this words and song.’ It is the firm grasp he has on his role and method of delivery that allows the people that walk his songs to feel comfortable with their flaws on full display.

Rick Amburgey, No Depression

A lot of great male voices have come from North Carolina including Eric Church, James Taylor, Randy Travis and Don Williams. With the release of “Tinderbox,” Aaron Burdett has proven this his name needs to added to that list.  

Brent Fleury, Bold Life

A songwriter’s songwriter, Aaron Burdett shows on this, his third full-length recording, that some musicians just got it, and others just don’t. … The intensity of emotions Burdett’s able to evoke is a little scary, but also a little wonderful.